China's steel industry structure adjustment pilot settled in Shandong

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China's steel industry structure adjustment pilot settled in Shandong

2011/10/11 12:37
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China'ssteelindustrystructureadjustmentpilotsettledinShandong  Animportantmeasurefortransformingthedevelopmentmodeoftheironandsteelindustry—thepilotprojectforstructuraladjustmentofthesteelindustryinSh

  China's steel industry structure adjustment pilot settled in Shandong

  An important measure for transforming the development mode of the iron and steel industry—the pilot project for structural adjustment of the steel industry in Shandong Province was officially launched. On the morning of the 9th, the official website of the National Development and Reform Commission released a message saying that the State Council approved the "Request for the Pilot Work on the Structural Adjustment of the Steel Industry in Shandong Province" (hereinafter referred to as "Requests"). This not only marks the opening of the pilot program for the restructuring of the steel industry in Shandong Province, but also means that the pilot has entered the national level. The reporters visited the Rizhao and other places on the 8th and found that the reorganization of Rizhao Steel and the construction of Rizhao Steel's boutique base will be particularly noticeable. Adjustment focus involves restructuring and capacity elimination It is reported that in the past year, in accordance with the State Council’s instructions, the National Development and Reform Commission took the lead and conducted in-depth research on the “Shandong Province Steel Industry Structure Adjustment Pilot Program” with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and entrusted China International Engineering Consulting. The company evaluated its feasibility and clarified the guiding ideology, basic principles and working measures of the pilot project of steel industry structure adjustment in Shandong Province. According to the information held by the reporter, at the symposium organized by the National Development and Reform Commission on August 10 last year, the Shandong pilot was required to follow four principles: one is to reduce adjustment, the other is low-carbon development, the third is institutional innovation, and the fourth is Open to the outside world. The most important component of the "four principles" is undoubtedly the first one - the reduction adjustment. In fact, the National Development and Reform Commission clearly supported Shandong's pilot project for structural adjustment of the steel industry and the construction of the Rizhao Steel Quality Base, but required the total capacity to be “optimized and adjusted within the original base”. The adjustment is adjusted to “highlight the coastal area and optimize the inland”. The most important thing is to build a fine base for Rizhao Steel. In the process, Rizhao Steel will be included in the unified planning of the boutique base, and its production capacity will also be controlled.

  On the 8th, when the reporters visited the Shandong Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the Rizhao City Development and Reform Commission and other departments, the information obtained showed that Shandong Province is the only pilot province for structural adjustment of the steel industry in China. Shandong Province shoulders the heavy responsibility of structural adjustment and industrial upgrading of the steel industry. Prior to the drafting of the "Steel Industry Structure Adjustment Pilot Program" drafted by Shandong, the guidelines for "restructuring assets, eliminating backwardness, optimizing layout, and upgrading grades" were clarified. Asset reorganization is to use Shanshan Iron and Steel Group as a link to truly take the road of integration of property, production, supply and marketing; eliminating backwardness is to eliminate backward production capacity; optimizing the layout is to optimize the production capacity of the mainland to the coast, so that the proportion of coastal steel production capacity is now 18 % increased to more than 43%; upgrading grades is not only to improve product quality, but also to position the development of Shangang Group and Rizhao Steel Quality Base in a high-level coordinate. At the same time, according to the plan, the Rizhao Steel Quality Base will be 21.35 million tons, including 11.35 million tons. The project will adopt the world's most advanced production processes such as hot rolling and cold rolling dynamic control. The main products are located in the domestic high-tech and high value-added products. It is foreseeable that a few years later, Rizhao is expected to rise to a world-class steel industry base. The National Development and Reform Commission pointed out in the announcement issued on the 9th that Shandong is a major steel province, and has now formed a comprehensive steelmaking capacity of 63.07 million tons, ranking the third in the country. However, due to the long-term extensive development, Shandong iron and steel enterprises have low equipment levels, unreasonable industrial layout and product structure, weak market competitiveness, high pressure on energy conservation and emission reduction, and strict requirements for structural adjustment. "The implementation of the structural adjustment of the steel industry involves not only the joint restructuring of enterprises, the elimination of backward production capacity, the transfer of inland production capacity, the handling of illegal projects, but also the need to properly resettle surplus personnel, adjust the fiscal and tax distribution in the province, and reform the system and mechanism. The task is arduous and complicated. The National Development and Reform Commission pointed out that Shandong Province has a positive demonstration of the way to solve the deep-seated problems in the development of the steel industry through pilot projects.

  Lunan Lingang Industrial Zone is “ready to go” In fact, in the “pilot”, the most attractive steel boutique base is Rizhao, and the news of “pilot approval” has been transmitted to the city. "I heard that I have already reported it, and I should approve it." A taxi driver told the reporter. "We also heard that the Rizhao Steel Quality Base was approved, but I just heard that I did not see the documents issued by the superiors." On the morning of the 8th, many staff members of the Rizhao City Development and Reform Commission said this when they were interviewed by the reporter. For the specific plan of Rizhao Steel Quality Base, a staff member of Rizhao City Development and Reform Commission said that the entire pilot program is the responsibility of the provincial government. Rizhao only does some auxiliary work and provides some local data and information.

  As an important part of Rizhao Steel's boutique base, Rizhao Steel Company seems to have little interest in whether the “pilot” is approved. The reporter of the Herald came to Rizhao Steel Company on the same day. In his living area, some employees were playing basketball, and the banner of the Rizhao Steel Basketball Competition was also hung at the door of the workers' union. The reporter of the reporter randomly asked several workers. Everyone said that "the salary can be paid. The reorganization of Shangang has not been updated for a long time." "This (Rizhao Iron and Steel Boutique Base) I have not heard, I don't know." Liao Haiting, secretary of the Iron and Steel Party Committee, gave an answer in an interview with the reporter on the 8th. From the official homepage of Rizhao Steel, it can be seen that Rizhao Steel itself is squeezing its enthusiasm and becoming bigger and stronger. "1580 strip mill successfully trial-rolled 1.65mm tread plate to break through the limits of thin specifications" similar news, frequently appeared. The approval of this “pilot” is obviously a good thing for the Shandong steel industry, which is conducive to the upgrading of the steel industry.” Li Jimin, head of the “My Steel Network” Jinan Office, who has long been concerned about the structural adjustment process of the steel industry, analyzed the reporter’s report. "From the current situation, with the approval of the 'pilot', the Shandong steel industry is likely to promote the 'two lines' at the same time. Under the condition that the reorganization of Nippon Steel is not relaxed, some Rizhao Steel boutique bases will be built first to make up for The backward production capacity of Jinan Iron and Steel and Laiwu Steel has been eliminated.” In Li Jimin’s view, the Lunan Lingang Industrial Zone with Rizhao Steel Quality Base as the core will become one of the important growth poles of the blue economic zone. Today, the steel industry The structural adjustment “pilot” was approved and will have a direct effect on the region. "Boutique base" first launched "Shandong Province's steel industry structure reflects the status quo of China's steel industry, although the overall output is large, but the quality is not high, especially the high-tech steel with high technology content is low." Li Jimin told the reporter, " The supply of high-end products is in short supply, and the oversupply of low-end products is not conducive to the healthy development of the steel industry, so it is necessary to build a steel boutique base." In fact, this road is not smooth sailing. During the interview, Li Jimin admitted that although the “pilot” was approved, the construction of the Rizhao Steel Quality Base is still a long-term process, and it may be more complicated to involve the restructuring of Rizhao Steel by Shandong Iron and Steel Group. “Shandong may build some Rizhao Steel boutique bases in the case of reorganization of Nippon Steel, to compensate for the backward production capacity of Jinan Iron and Steel and Laiwu Steel.” Li Jimin said.

  According to analysis, from the formation of Shandong Iron and Steel in 2008, more than three years, Jinan Iron and Steel and Laiwu Steel have eliminated millions of tons of backward production capacity, these production capacity is mainly for the Shangmao fine steel project, and now the "pilot" has been approved, related Construction should be implemented soon. The reporter of the reporter learned in the local investigation that a series of procedures, such as land use, environmental assessment, supporting docks and sea area use, which have been involved in the construction of Rizhao Steel Quality Base, have already begun. “Once Shandong Iron and Steel started building the Rizhao Steel Quality Base on its own, it may take a long-term plan for the restructuring of Japan Steel,” Li Jimin said.

  With the approval of the above pilot, the National Development and Reform Commission said that it will work with relevant departments to guide Shandong Province to further modify and improve the pilot program to promote the adjustment and optimization of the steel industry layout structure and industrial upgrading. Acting according to the laws of the market, properly solve the interests of mergers and acquisitions in enterprises. In addition, according to the model of Shandong steel industry structure adjustment, we will actively study the structural adjustment of other key steel producing areas, and further promote the early realization of the transformation of China's steel industry from large to strong.

  (The authenticity of this information has not been confirmed by China Metallurgical Network, for your reference only.)

  —— Information from: Economic Herald