Pay close attention to production and management, strive to open a door

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Pay close attention to production and management, strive to open a door

2010/12/10 12:36
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Briefingonthework  (Phaseone)  Paycloseattentiontoproductionandmanagement,strivetoopenadoor  OntheoccasionofthecomingoftheLunarNewYearin2009,ourpartyheldajointmeetingofthepartyandgovernmenttwice,andma

  Briefing on the work

  (Phase one)

  Pay close attention to production and management, strive to open a door

  On the occasion of the coming of the Lunar New Year in 2009, our party held a joint meeting of the party and government twice, and made a serious summary and detailed plan for the completion of the tasks and tasks of the previous year and the work of the new year, and carefully analyzed 2010. Industry situation, adjust business ideas, cultivate new economic points, and create a new technological high ground with the characteristics of our institute.

  In the face of the cruel and fierce steel industry design market this year, the party committee of the hospital asked the leadership team, the operators and the staff of the whole hospital to pay close attention to the management work, to ensure that the 2010 targets are not reduced, and strive to exceed the completion. Fortunately, up to now, our institute has signed a precision pipe production line project including 30,000 tons of nuclear power and energy equipment for Sanzhou Special Steel Tube Co., Ltd., an annual output of 100,000 tons of casting parts and accessories for Henan Tianrui Group, and Fujian Haihe Industrial Co., Ltd. 2 ×25000kva ferroalloy electric furnace and other design projects with a contract value of about 10 million yuan. The signing of these projects embodies the hard work of the leaders and operators of the hospital, and greatly enhances the confidence of the employees in the development of adversity. The work has been carried out smoothly, laying a solid foundation.

  This month, our hospital organized various departments to carry out the annual assessment of employees according to the work arrangement. The employees carefully filled out the individual annual summary assessment form, and the personnel department and the department director and the hospital council unified assessment. This year, the number of employees participating in the examination was 103, of which 15 were excellent, 87 were qualified, and 1 was unqualified. At the same time, the hospital held a democratic evaluation meeting for the team and leading cadres who participated in the middle-level cadres, employee representatives and ordinary employees.

  In the past, before the Spring Festival, our hospital continued to carry out the "New Year's Warmth" activity, sending necessities for the poor workers' families, organizing the hospital leadership to look at the separation of retired old workers, and organizing retired old workers to meet in the Spring Festival, so that the old employees can feel the organization. Warm, happy and happy to welcome the new year.

  January 25, 2010